Unexpected Guest

I’ve decided I’m going to use this site as blog just as much as a place to post news about Never Peak Games projects. Some of the posts might ramble, but I hope they will be interesting to read and a good way for me to express myself.

I got asked to be a special guest at the upcoming Strategicon event Aug 29 – Sept 1. I’ll have a demo table where I’m being demoing We Are Dead and showing off the new game, Starcade. I’m really honored they would have me for a guest considering We Are Dead targets a more casual crowd than most of the gamers at Strategicon, but the game has had a fantastic reception at the last two cons and I’m hoping to show it to anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to try it yet.

Starcade will get it’s own post soon with more details about that project. It’s a micro game and going to play 1-3 players. You will also be able to combine 2 packs and play up to 6.

I’ve been going to the San Diego Comic Con every year since 2001. Even with all of the drastic changes that have happened in that time I still love it very much. This year I got a pretty nasty cold and could only make it for one day. I had a really good time though. It was awesome to see the convention floor and pick up some items. I also got to catch up with friends and hang out.

I confirmed with Josh Howard that Dead@17 the game is still a work in progress and we are both excited to move forward with it again. There were a few reasons funding didn’t work the first time and you can read about them here. The main reason it hasn’t moved forward is money and time. I spent a lot on the advertising for that campaign and the small mistakes I made with it cost me too much. I don’t have the funds to spend to advertise it again right now and I need some time to make sure I get international shipping right and to fix the base set/ expansion part.

I also spent time at SDCC with my friend Greg who owns The Broken Token and he showed me the new prototype for the Lords of Waterdeep tray he is working on. It looks amazing!!

I’m off to work on some Starcade art.