Starcade Update (with art!)

I wanted to have Starcade on Kickstarted by now, but it’s better to get it right than release it too early. Two weekends ago I had a table at the official San Diego Unpub event. It was such a fun time and I did constant demoing and got some excellent feedback. The game is now up to 4 distinct modes of play that I think get stronger and stronger with each iteration.

I’m loving the challenge of keeping the component list as small as possible, yet making the game something that players will really enjoy and talk about. I’m currently updating the rules and trying to fit them on a normal sheet of paper, even with the icons and oversized font. Instead of rambling on that stuff, I wanted to show off some art.

Starcade Player Ships for Web

Starcade Ships for Web

At first I was just going to have my own art for the ships, but my friends Kevin Burns and Pat Bussey. They are working on some final pieces. The Mega-Mothership and the single-player battle cruiser.

The component list is almost locked down and with some play-testing over the holiday it should just be down to art and finishing the Kickstarter page.