Plugging Along

We Are Dead is out in the world and about 1,700 have been sold. It’s not getting the best reviews on Board Game Geek, but that’s to be expected for a casual game. I’m really proud of what it is and I’m glad it’s finding a home with the casual game crowd.

I’m currently taking my time with Starcade. I really want this game to start off in the best way possible. I’ve got new art rolling in for the aliens and I’m working on the rule book. This game is taking longer in the pre-production phase, but I’ve learned from my first release and I know putting in the effort to get certain things right will show in the final product.

I’ve been working on Dead@17 the deck building game and I’m happy with the way that is progressing too. When I first launched the game on Kickstarter there weren’t any real player-vs-player deck builders out there. Now there are a few great games doing that. The changes that are happening in the world of deck builders are pretty big and I hope there is still a place for this game when I go to relaunch it.