About Never Peak Games

Derak Morrell

I’m Derak Morrell and I started Never Peak Games to produce my designs. In 2014 I released We Are Dead that originally funded on Kickstarter. It has been a solid hit with the casual crowd.

I make the games that I want to play and I like to play all kinds of games, so expect a wide variety of releases. I have very high standards for art and component quality, which I hope adds to everyones’ enjoyment who plays my games.

I named this concern Never Peak because I’m always striving to do better, and why think the best times are behind you? It is a silly name, but the more I think about it, the more it means something to me. I want to keep pushing myself to make better and better games. It’s just me in the business, but I couldn’t do it without my family, friends, and hired artists that truly make it all possible.

I’ve been a video game designer at Sony Online Entertainment where I worked on several EverQuest titles doing story and content, and an accountant for a large public accounting firm. I got my degree in Business Administration, Accountancy from California State University, Long Beach.