We Are Dead Press Release

We Are Dead Press Release

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We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre Board Game

Become a zombie and turn as many mall shoppers into the undead as you can -with artwork from Mike Morris, illustrator on ‘The Simpsons’.

Fountain Valley, CA (October 31, 2012) Never Peak Games, an independent producer of board and card games, announced the We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre board game. Mike Morris, current illustrator on ‘The Simpsons’ TV show, and Mike Collins, freelance artist who is a regular on the Cartoon Network, created the art for We Are Dead. The game is currently seeking funding at Kickstarter.com for release in April 2013.

Players take on the role of the zombies in a mall setting. They will play cards from their hands to turn the mall shoppers into the undead. They will also play hero cards in an effort to keep their fellow zombies from outscoring them. This hand management game incorporates infection tokens to allow players to manage their resources strategically. At times, players must work together to stop the amassed horde from eating the supply of mall shoppers and defeating all of the players.

Featuring a 95-card deck, 110 game tokens, and a quad-fold board with Kickstarter stretch goals that include promo cards, a double-sided game board, and multiple expansions.

We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre is currently available at www.kickstarter.com by searching for “We Are Dead”. For more information about We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre the board game, please visit www.neverpeakgames.com.

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