The Shop is Finally Up!

I finally had time to sit down and figure out how to add a web store and get it all up here. Starcade and We Are Dead are now ready for purchase! Check out the Shop tab to see them.

My dad and I had a great time exhibiting at the Long Beach Comic Con, where I had my biggest booth ever. It was nice to be able to have demos of We Are Dead and Starcade set up at the same time.

I’m also working on a small expansion to Starcade that will give players a whole new way to play solo with a battle station!



Phoenix Comic Con

I had a great time with my Dad at the Phoenix Comic Con. The attendees were great and I demoed We Are Dead to hundreds of people.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and checking out the game!

Starcade Status

The components are coming together and fulfillment to the Kickstarter backers will be in June. After they are all mailed out, the webstore on here will be updated for anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter.



Army Ants and 4CD

I’m really excited about this week’s episode of the Tell’em Steve Dave Podcast. I’ve listened to the show since the first week it was put out and couldn’t love it more. They asked for sponsors for the 2015 summer show which is going to be the One, True, Three Championships. I sent in copies of We Are Dead along with a shirt and some buttons to sponsor one of the players and be part of the prize pool.

If anyone is interested in picking up a copy of the game they can be ordered through local board game stores, on Amazon, or me directly. I’ll do a deal for the game that can compete with Amazon and include some promo cards. I don’t expect many orders though this, but if you are interested email me directly at (I check this email most frequently).

I’m so happy I’m able to give back in any way to the show that has meant so much to me over the years!

In other news, I’ll be pitching my next game to a major toy manufacturer. If they are interested in it then great! If not, I’ll still plan to put it out through Kickstarter. The best part about this is that they contacted me and want to see what I’ve been working on.


Long Beach Comic Con & SoCal Comic Con

This past weekend was the Long Beach Comic Con. I have a real love for this convention. The show runners do a fantastic job with this event. I think they made a small misstep this year in moving it to September and dropping the horror aspect of the show. It really seemed like the attendance was down. I had a table in Artists Alley near the back and still did okay. I loved every interaction with each attendee and fellow creators!

This coming Sunday, October 5th, I’ll be at SoCal Comic Con which is a 1 day convention in Oceanside, CA with a table selling my game. IT’S ONLY $7 TO ATTEND!!! I love the price for people to come and enjoy this con. I’ll be there selling more We Are Dead in time for Halloween and Christmas, and Starcade prototypes. I’m going to try out a new prize bag where people can win a copy of We Are Dead, T-shirts, Starcades, and all my other loot for just $1!

Right now I’m sorting my comic book collection and trying to sell off some of it on eBay and getting the art for Starcade done so I can launch the Kickstarter.

If you’re in Southern California on October 5th and near Oceanside consider coming to the show!



Awesome Times

When I started making games I would have never thought I would get invited to a gaming convention as a special guest. Well, I was wrong. Victor and the fine folks over at Strategicon gave a once in a lifetime experience when they asked me to be one of three special guests at the Gateway convention this past Labor day weekend. They went all out and put me up in a hotel room and gave me a booth to show off my games.

I’ve been going to the Strategicon series of conventions for the past few years and I’ve always had a fantastic time. In the past I just played in events. Once We Are Dead arrived I ran events at the last Strategicon, now I got to demo and mingle at my table.

We Are Dead was a great success again with the casual crowd and almost everyone was excited about the new micro game: Starcade. I brought 50 early edition copies and sold 46 of them! I couldn’t be happier. I’m really happy with the way it plays, demos, and how quick it is for people to play.

At the end of the month I have a table at the Long Beach Comic Con. Mike Morris and Mike Collins will both be there on Saturday, so if you want your copy of We Are Dead signed, this is a rare opportunity to do so!

I’m SO looking forward to the next Strategicon next February!!


Strategicon Update

Hi All!

I’ve been working really hard to get a small print run of Starcade (50 copies) ready for Strategicon and they will be available for $5. Check out the page! As a Special Guest at Strategicon, they have given me a booth and I’ll have a ton of stuff for everyone to check out: We Are Dead games, demos, buttons, stickers, shirts, and prints; Starcade games, demos, and buttons; and a small demo of Dead@17 the deckbuilding game.

If you are going to this show please, please, please stop by and say hello! If you can’t make it to the show, keep checking back or follow on Twitter to find out when Starcade goes up on Kickstarter.



So Busy!

I had a great time at Strategicon over Memorial day weekend. I did about 8 hours of demoing and had over 40 people play We Are Dead. That con is so much fun. I really love it and feel at home there.

Here is a picture of the first event where 3 full tables were running!

Strategicon Demo

I’m going run more of these at future Strategicons, but oh man was it hard teaching so many players at once!

I’m super busy right now, but I’ll share those details later as I want to start posting on here more consistently.


Fantastic Things

So much is going on right now. All of the Kickstarter copies have either been received or are in the mail out to the backers. I’m trying to handle any issues as they arise.

Since I got most of the games in the mail almost 500 copies of the game have gone out to gaming and comic book stores. Following the release I went to the GAMA trade show and interacted with over 100 stores and got to show them the game first hand. It was incredibly successful! Finally, I had a table at WonderCon and had an amazing reception from the crowd there.

photo (1)

Someone from almost every demo session picked up a copy of the game and couldn’t be happier with peoples reaction when they play the game.

Moving Forward

This weekend (April 25) I’ll be in San Diego at KingdomCon. I’ll be demoing all day Friday and Saturday. If you are in the area come check out the con. This will be my first year there, but it sounds like it’s going to be a great time. It seems to me that the con was built up around the local miniatures community and is growing their board game and RPG events and presence. I’m excited to be apart of it!

In the next couple of updates I’ll talk about the Dead@17 Kickstarter Reboot and a new micro-game that I’ve made and want to do a quick limited release for. More info to come!