The Shop is Finally Up!

I finally had time to sit down and figure out how to add a web store and get it all up here. Starcade and We Are Dead are now ready for purchase! Check out the Shop tab to see them.

My dad and I had a great time exhibiting at the Long Beach Comic Con, where I had my biggest booth ever. It was nice to be able to have demos of We Are Dead and Starcade set up at the same time.

I’m also working on a small expansion to Starcade that will give players a whole new way to play solo with a battle station!



Phoenix Comic Con

I had a great time with my Dad at the Phoenix Comic Con. The attendees were great and I demoed We Are Dead to hundreds of people.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and checking out the game!

Starcade Status

The components are coming together and fulfillment to the Kickstarter backers will be in June. After they are all mailed out, the webstore on here will be updated for anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter.



Army Ants and 4CD

I’m really excited about this week’s episode of the Tell’em Steve Dave Podcast. I’ve listened to the show since the first week it was put out and couldn’t love it more. They asked for sponsors for the 2015 summer show which is going to be the One, True, Three Championships. I sent in copies of We Are Dead along with a shirt and some buttons to sponsor one of the players and be part of the prize pool.

If anyone is interested in picking up a copy of the game they can be ordered through local board game stores, on Amazon, or me directly. I’ll do a deal for the game that can compete with Amazon and include some promo cards. I don’t expect many orders though this, but if you are interested email me directly at (I check this email most frequently).

I’m so happy I’m able to give back in any way to the show that has meant so much to me over the years!

In other news, I’ll be pitching my next game to a major toy manufacturer. If they are interested in it then great! If not, I’ll still plan to put it out through Kickstarter. The best part about this is that they contacted me and want to see what I’ve been working on.


Summer Fun

Just a quick update:

I’ve been working really hard at my day job making sure to pay the bills, and the last couple of months have been crazy with family and friend stuff. I just got done with San Diego Comic Con. I went just for fun and to see people and chat. It’s always a great time.

This site got hit by something. That is why the some of the pictures aren’t working. There is no personal information of any kind on here. Not for me or anyone who visits so no worries there. However, I need some time to go in and repost some of the images.

I had a booth back at Wonder Con and that was fantastic. I next went to Wizard World Las Vegas and that was very painful. They could not get anyone to show up. Every vendor I spoke with lost money on that show. What little crowd there was were very nice people. I’m shocked at how many games I was able to sell considering the crowd size. The whole trip with gas, food, hotel, and the cost of the show was only a $100 loss, which when you are on a budget like mine still hurts, but could have been much worse. I doubt I’ll ever do that show again.

We Are Dead is entered into The Geekie Awards over at If I make it through to the next round I’ll really be pushing for your votes! =)

I’ll post more soon. Things are calming down a bit and I’m really excited to wrap up Starcade and get it on Kickstarter. I’m also submitting a project to a huge publisher so that is taking up a lot of my time and I’m not ready to talk about the details of that game yet.

Enjoy the gaming!


Plugging Along

We Are Dead is out in the world and about 1,700 have been sold. It’s not getting the best reviews on Board Game Geek, but that’s to be expected for a casual game. I’m really proud of what it is and I’m glad it’s finding a home with the casual game crowd.

I’m currently taking my time with Starcade. I really want this game to start off in the best way possible. I’ve got new art rolling in for the aliens and I’m working on the rule book. This game is taking longer in the pre-production phase, but I’ve learned from my first release and I know putting in the effort to get certain things right will show in the final product.

I’ve been working on Dead@17 the deck building game and I’m happy with the way that is progressing too. When I first launched the game on Kickstarter there weren’t any real player-vs-player deck builders out there. Now there are a few great games doing that. The changes that are happening in the world of deck builders are pretty big and I hope there is still a place for this game when I go to relaunch it.


Starcade Update (with art!)

I wanted to have Starcade on Kickstarted by now, but it’s better to get it right than release it too early. Two weekends ago I had a table at the official San Diego Unpub event. It was such a fun time and I did constant demoing and got some excellent feedback. The game is now up to 4 distinct modes of play that I think get stronger and stronger with each iteration.

I’m loving the challenge of keeping the component list as small as possible, yet making the game something that players will really enjoy and talk about. I’m currently updating the rules and trying to fit them on a normal sheet of paper, even with the icons and oversized font. Instead of rambling on that stuff, I wanted to show off some art.

Starcade Player Ships for Web

Starcade Ships for Web

At first I was just going to have my own art for the ships, but my friends Kevin Burns and Pat Bussey. They are working on some final pieces. The Mega-Mothership and the single-player battle cruiser.

The component list is almost locked down and with some play-testing over the holiday it should just be down to art and finishing the Kickstarter page.